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"Did you beat that game?"

"No but I watched someone on YouTube do it so I feel like I did."

notdave asked: i just realized you follow me and i just !!!? like whoa cool person alert

whoa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!! !! ! !!! (i dont know what else to say im not good with words but whoa!! 1 !!!)




about 2 weeks ago i was working on a history paper and it was around 2 am and i was hungry so i went to the pantry to get some food and i found a bag of tortilla chips but they were really big chips so i broke one in half and for some reason i thought the noise was hilarious so i kept breaking them in half and that is the story of how my parents found me on the floor of the pantry crying hysterically surrounded by tortilla chips at 2 am


mmeowth asked: 5'1"

i am taller…. but not by much 

((pls dont send more of these okie dokie))

Anonymous asked: 5'6

im shorter !!!

((pls dont send more of these okie dokie))



when you’re so straight you can’t even bend over because that is gay


half of me wants to go ahead and just catch up with the princess jellyfish manga (im about 15 ‘episodes’ from this) but the other half wants to save it for the 2 hour car ride to boston on sunday…. despair

incubating-despair asked: 5'5"

im shorter !! 

naegisahogeofhope asked: im around 5'2" i could be 5'3" since i havent measured my height in forever

same man same

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